You can book a vehicle using your app or from the web portal. Choose a vehicle from the map and book it. Your booking takes 15 minutes.
When you are in front of the vehicle you can open it with the app by reading the QR Code or by typing the license plate number. The system, after checking the availability of the vehicle, opens the doors of the car and you can start your journey. The keys can be found inside the vehicle.
Verify that this is the vehicle you booked by checking the license plate number. If the problem persists, call the call center.
Once the vehicle has been picked up, you drive the car normally, if you have to stop, lock it with the keys and take them with you.
Once your trip is complete you can release the vehicle, turn off the car and check that everything is in order. Leave the keys in the drawer, check that the windows are closed, get out of the vehicle and make sure you close the doors. From the app you carry out the return operation which will remind you of the closing operations and will close the car by reading the QR Code. Wait until the car is closed.
You can leave the vehicle in any suitable parking area, even in the blue stripe, within the areas marked in blue on the map of the mobile App. Remember that outside the blue areas it is not allowed to release the vehicle and close the rental session. To check the free parking areas visit our website
Check that you have locked the car, that you are in the release areas marked in blue on the map and that you have left the keys inside the vehicle. If you have problems call the call center.
By using the app or the web portal, you cancel your reservation. Remember that your reservation is valid for 15 minutes.

Registering for the service is simple. The only information required is :

  • Credit card or prepaid card
  • Valid driving license
  • Email address
If you find an object in the car, contact Customer Service who will give you instructions on how to return the object to its rightful owner.
No, you can only book one vehicle at a time. This is in order to facilitate the community, since they are vehicles in sharing.
At the end of the 15 minutes, the reservation will be canceled and you will not be able to book the same car in the next 15 minutes.
Contact us at the number
If we are unable to withdraw the amount due, your account will be temporarily blocked and you will not be able to make other reservations. You will receive an email notification about it. A new debit attempt will be made every day. Check your credit card details on your personal profile and correct them if necessary.
It is possible that another user has tried to book the same car at the same time. In this case it is possible to book another car directly on the road. Your previous booking will be canceled free of charge.
The personal data entered at the time of registration can be changed by accessing your reserved area from the app. Just log into your account on the site or from the app.
To change the e-mail address simply log into your account on the site and click on the edit icon which will open the "Edit account email" window.
You will be asked to enter the new e-mail address in the appropriate field and to confirm the operation. Immediately after you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the old address and an activation e-mail to the new address.
Check your device's data coverage. If the problem persists, close and reopen the application. In the event that the application continues to not respond and you have an active booking, contact Customer Service, to avoid being charged for any booking costs related to the technical problem.
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